The Ugly Truth about RV Mattresses.

The Ugly Truth about RV Mattresses.

You have just towed your new RV home and all you can think about is getting out there to enjoy your first adventure in your new vehicle. Your mind is full, getting all the gear, gadgets and accessories that a million people suggest you should. You manage to get everything sorted out in the few days before your maiden voyage, from stocking up the fridge to choosing where to put everything. The day finally arrives. You do your final pre-travel checks thoroughly and depart on what I consider to be the most fun thing to do.

The first Camp Setup.

So you travel safely and reach your destination excited to get it all set up so you can crack open a cold one and start having fun. You stand around the BBQ thinking how well you did for your first time, learning along the way. I don’t know about you but I am usually a little tired at the end of our travel day. We were happy to lay down on the beautiful, ready made bed and get a good nights rest.

Midnight Pee

We called it quits for the day and my wife and I layed down and turned off the lights. I woke around midnight for the good old “Midnight Pee” feeling uncomfortable with a sore back to realize that the RV mattress wasn’t what I thought it would be. I rolled out of bed to do the deed and heard the lady from 2 sites down enjoying her mattress with celebratory shouts of Yes!…Yes!… Yes!..I digress.

The morning after

When we woke up the next morning we were both in a great deal of discomfort. I wrote it off to not being used to the different mattress. While we throughly enjoyed the facilities of our new RV, we woke each day with more and more pain. It goes without saying that we go camping to rest, relax and catch our breath from the toils of work and busy lives. We made the list of things that we wanted to improve and buy for our next trip…A new mattress was the very first item. If you don’t sleep well the rest doesn’t matter.

The things you accept or replace

I quickly learned that there are certain things you simply have to replace after buying a New RV like the Entertainment system, toilet, faucets, shower head, dinette cushions, and most certainly the Mattress. These items unless broken or totally defective are simply part of the deal. I could carry on with this list but will focus on the Mattress for now.

Mattress Insider 2
Mattress Insider 2

More often than not you hear of people buying a multitude of items to replace the stock ones, but this too raises an important question…can I use this item if ever I get another RV?? Most people get into their RV lifestyles very quickly and soon after their purchase start dreaming of their next RV…While impossible for most of us, I know what Model and make my next RV will be! It does however make me choose my current RV parts and upgrades carefully as I don’t want to buy all these things twice.

Mattress research

We simply had to replace the “crappy” mattress once we got home. To be honest, I didn’t want to go camping again until we did. In fear of making a bad decision we researched RV mattresses in depth. 8 times out of 10 we

Mattress Insider 1
Mattress Insider 1

were pointed in the direction of Mattress Insider and chose to order from them. Sleep is very important and they offer a ton of options when choosing one. From size (all custom RV sizes) to firmness etc, etc. I live in Canada and delivery was as promised. I must suggest that you consider their linen options as well. The fitted sheets are custom to the smaller mattresses.

Our Second trip

We went out on our second trip new mattress in hand and what a difference! Who cares about anything else if you can’t sleep properly? I also don’t care that I probably won’t keep the mattress if ever we buy another RV. What I can tell you is that it made the world of difference to us while enjoying our favourite pastime.

Please feel free to use my discount code to get 5% off all products you purchase at Mattress Insider. You’ll get the same and pay it forward for sure.

Safe travels…Yes?


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