Psychology of Towing a Travel Trailer.

The Psychology of towing a travel trailer.

I will probably never completely get over the accident we had with our travel trailer over 20 years ago.The truth of it is that we absolutely love taking our new trailer out but I’ve had to overcome those ghosts of past that haunt me.

More importantly I’ve had to absolutely convince my wife “the Lovely Heather” that I’ve gone to every reasonable length to to keep us, and the people around us on the road safe.

It’s said that the hardest lessons are the best (so cliche I know!!) and so I embarked in relentless research to make sure that I employ all the latest travel trailer, tow vehicle technology and pre-travel checks that applies to us.

We chose to have the dealership fit the new hitch and weight distribution to our truck….probably a little more expensive but it gave me piece of mind. The gentleman who did our PDI knew of our history and he joked with me saying that I’d chosen all my towing equipment “way over spec” for our trailer and that we would have no problem.

The day we towed the trailer home from the dealership for the first time was “nerve wrecking” but I quickly settled down and realized that the travel trailer was sitting on the back of my truck like a “wart in a frogs arse” and I saw my wife’s nerves settle as quick as mine did.

Over the last year as I’ve applied the equipment and practices I’ve learned “the second time around” and have to say that to me, the most important things about towing are: using the correct equipment, check and double check, and just be sensible on the road.

I would like to give a huge shoutout to all the RV’ers who have helped embark on the wonderful privilege of camping with our travel trailer.

I have started my own YouTube channel and hope to pay it forward. I will be posting regular videos of our progress. Please join us on Second Time Around Rv.



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