RV’ers Inspiration and Sharing.

A Shoutout to you RV’ers out there..

If you’ve been following our story you already know that we’ve embarked on a new journey, with a new Travel trailer, 20 years after an accident we had with our Travel trailer.

It goes without saying that I wanted to be as well informed in the multitude of decisions we needed to make, for our safety, affordability and pleasure. We had done this all before but that was 20 years ago. The options are endless!!

So I embarked on learning as much as I could. I had to prove to myself, and my wife “The Lovely Heather” that we could fulfill all the criteria to enjoying this pastime again.

This is where you all came in!!!…I spent a perverse amount of time watching all your videos. I think the YouTube logo is still burnt in on my face. This exploded my knowledge from all perspectives. It also introduced me to some fantastic and diverse characters, who I still follow….you are all FANTASTIC!!!

So….we bought a Travel Trailer, a safe tow vehicle and a “shithouse” full of safety gear, accessories and toys. We have been out a few times over the last year and realized that the vast majority of your teachings are very valuable.

This is why you might find yourself reading my posts, or watching my videos. I figure I can only help folks, if not give them another perspective. I hope to meet you all on our adventures with our Second Time Around RV.

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