What are your towing safety considerations?

While the subject of safety when towing is so vast, there are some more serious initial considerations in my opinion. Let’s assume that your tow vehicle is compatible with your trailer, and that your trailer is sound and in good shape. The following in my opinion are of utmost importance.

We are faced with many variables when towing. Some of those are sway , wind, weight distribution in your trailer, and connection to your vehicle….your tow hitch!!

When I lost control of my trailer and vehicle those years ago, the crosswind played a huge role in our accident. Even though we had a blowout, I should have been able to safely get to the roadside.

I must also stress the importance of weight distribution inside your trailer, which is often overlooked. I make a point of ensuring that there is more and sufficient weight on the tongue of your tow. My best investment on my new trailer is a weight distribution system. I considered getting an anti-sway bar as well but after towing a couple of times I realized the trailer was sitting on my truck hitch like a wart on a frogs arse. In my instance and setup, the weight distribution not only “shared the weight” across my truck, but also controlled any sway. Your trailer might be longer and heavier than mine making an anti-sway bar a serious consideration.

Let’s make another assumption that you’ve considered the specs of your hitch and weight distribution. There is one more important thing to discuss!!….trailer brakes….In todays world you simply shouldn’t consider a trailer purchase without this facility. Not only do they assist in overall control of your combined tow, but very effectively eliminate sway when you’re deep in the shit!!!

Looking back at the demise of my first travel trailer, I so wish the above-mentioned advanced technology existed!!!….safe towing to everyone.

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