50 Important RV Tools and Accessories

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Second Time Around Blog

50 Important RV Tools and Accessories.

Please also note that we purchased and continually use every item on this publication and are our honest views and reviews. There are so many things to know and consider after your RV,Trailer or Caravan purchase. As a New RV owner you’re probably a little overwhelmed. I can promise you that it all gets better really quickly. Hopefully this helps you. The trick for us was how to prioritize our budget so so we got the most important items first, and when we could afford them get the more luxury convenience items.

What do we buy first???

Given that we had our accident many years ago, our very first priority is Safety. It doesn’t matter how comfortable your chairs are if you cannot safely make it to your camping destination. We grouped our list of requirements as Follows:

1. Towing and Travel Safety
2. Water and Waste Accessories.
3. Propane Safety and equipment.
4. Tools and Maintenance.
5. Outdoor Accessories and Storage
6. Indoor Accessories and Storage.
7. Entertainment equipment and Accessories

To help you easily compile the list of items you feel you might need I’ve kept each group visual and easy to read. For comprehensive descriptions and reviews click on the bold copy. A few of these items are specific to our trailer but should serve as a good guidelines for you. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you need any help at all.

Here we go:

1. Towing, Travel and Hookup:

Weight Distribution (Differs for each Models weight ratings)     
Tow Mirrors

Tire Pressure gauge  
12 Volt Tire Pump
Laser Heat Sensor  
Four Way Wheel Nut Wrench  
Torque Wrench  
Torque Wrench Socket  
12 Volt Extension Cable   
Electric Drill/Driver   
Electric Impact Driver   
Stabilizer Socket (For Electric Drill)   
Grease Gun   
Grease for Gun   
Grease for Tow Hitch Ball 
Hitch Lock   
Bicycle Rack   
Bungee Cables for Bicycle wheels while Traveling   
Bubble Level   
Links Leveler Blocks   
Wheel Chocks   
Trailer Wheel Covers (Sun and Weather Damage Prevention)   
Trailer Spare Wheel Cover (Sun and Weather Damage Prevention)   
Multi-Purpose Light (Magnetic, Hooks, Bendable, Easy to secure While working)   
Spare Brake Light Bulbs    
Spare Fuses   
30 Amp Extension     
30 to 50 Amp Adaptor      
30 to 20 Amp Adaptor   
Surge Protector        

2. Water and Waste Accessories.

Black/Grey Tank Waste Pipe and Extension   
Clear Sewer Elbow Waste pipe Connector (Allows you to monitor your Progress while Dumping)   
Black Tank Flush/Rinse Hose   
Black Tank Hose Support
Water Pressure Valve
Brass water “Y” Shut-Off valve
90 degree Water valve
Clean/City Water Hose
Flexible Water Hose support
Hose connector Washers
Water Bandit
Water Filter
5 Gallon Water Bottle with Funnel.
Utility Bucket
Manual Hose Spout Nozzle
Tank Chemicals

3. Propane Safety and equipment.

Pressure Gauge
Quick Connect Extension Pipes
Quick Connect “Y” Valve
Propane BBQ
Coleman Propane Stove
Coleman Quick Connect Adaptor
Propane Tank Cover
Propane Tank Lock

4. Tools and Maintenance.

Stanley Tool Kit
Electric Multimeter
Wire Stripper
Butyl Putty Tape
Eternabond Roof tape
Electrical Tape
Wire Connectors
Caulk Gun
RV self Levelling Sealant
Plumbers Seal Tape
Bungee Cables
Zip Ties
Wood Chopper

5. Outdoor Accessories and Storage

Outdoor All Weather Mat
Fold-Up Table
Fold-Up Side Table
Camping Chairs
Outdoor speaker
Utility 20Amp AC extensions
Utility Waterproof Tarp/Groundsheets
RV Entrance Mat
Fold Up Step

6. Indoor Accessories and Storage.

Upgraded Mattress (Mattress Insider)
Fitted Sheets (Mattress Insider)
Storage Tote   
Indoor Mats

7. Entertainment equipment and Accessories.

Lightning to HDMI Adapter
RCA to Aux Cable
Indoor Bose Speaker
Power Strips with built in USB extensions
Laptop Power Supply
Phone Charger

We have tried to get us much as we could so there is as little pre-packing involved. The idea being that in very little time we’d be able to hook up and leave without having to move stuff from the house to the trailer and back again once we get home. While this isn’t a big deal it is very comforting to know that we have everything we need prior to leaving.
We hope you find this helpful.

Safe Travels Everyone.

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