3 Perfect RV Collapsible Outdoor Surface Solutions.

3 Perfect RV Collapsible Outdoor Surface Solutions.

We have a smaller Travel Trailer/Caravan making easy, space saving storage of our camping accessories very important. What is just as important is being able to safely and conveniently place the things we use on a table or surface that is at arms length, off the ground and easy to move to where we sit, be that under the awning, or at the campfire. If you think about it, you are always looking for a place to put your phone, speaker (which we plug into the side of your trailer), beverage or even a bowl of snacks. We also needed a small versatile step to use in a variety of ways depending on our site and setup.

Close to your exterior power plug?

The first item we bought was an aluminum table to place our speaker, phone charging station and peripherals. It obviously needed to collapse for easy storage but also be big and high enough for our convenience. When sitting under the awning it has proven invaluable as a surface to place our laptops, snacks etc. From time to time we eat at this table as well. It folds up into a small bag yet is sturdy and easy to clean. We also use the table at home when we’re BBQ’ing and need an extra surface.

A place to put a beverage and phone when sitting at the campfire….

My favourite camping activity is sitting around the campfire. My favourite beverage is poured in a glass. Most camping chairs have side pockets to hold a beer or bottle but not a glass or cup. We needed a quick, easy to move collapsable “side table” to achieve this. I also didn’t want to have to use the table under the awning, so we found the GCI table with telescoping legs to serve this purpose. We simply place the table between our chairs and have a perfect solution for our glasses, cups and phones. I also use the GCI while BBQ’ing both while camping and at home.

A Simple Step…

Last Summer our campsite had an incline which caused the steps into our trailer to be uneven and high off the ground. I quite often hear stories of folk tripping in and out of their trailers. On this occasion both my Wife and I fell victim to this. We constantly consider buying items that we can use forever. We didn’t want to replace the steps on the trailer for cost reasons and also in case we upgrade our RV at a point. We found a collapsible aluminum step with independent adjustable legs to serve this purpose. We not only use it as an extra step to the RV but also often to reach items inside as well. I also use the step when doing both in and outside maintenance. This is by far one of the best, affordable purchases we’ve made and it should last for a long time.

While we are careful with our money, we certainly try to make our RV experience as comfortable as possible. These additions to our camping gear might seem a little “Glamper” in style but make a huge difference to our overall experience while doing the thing we love to do. They are all very easy to use, lightweight and easy to store.

Please know that there are affiliated products mentioned in this blog. If you choose to use those links I will earn a very small commission with no affect to your product pricing. This post is not sponsored in any way and is solely my opinion and perspective. I also only review products that we use and own.

Safe travels to you all…


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