20 years ago our love for RV'ing came crashing down!!

………..I rolled my travel trailer after a tire blowout with my young family in the car. Needless to say we stopped our RV vacations immediately. Fortunately everyone was fine. We recently decided to try it again, bought a new Travel Trailer (Caravan) and this site will share our approach and process to safe and pleasurable adventures…..

Travel Trailer Caravan accident 8
Travel Trailer Caravan accident 10
Travel Trailer Caravan Accident 4

We relocated from Cape Town to Toronto....

Cape Town Table Mountain
Cape Town South Africa

Fast forward 20+ years and the story takes a twist. My wife, “The Lovely Heather” and I had been tent camping over the years. The Summer of 2017 found us in our tent when the heavens opened one evening. We found ourselves floating on our inflatable mattress in what I can only describe as a “mud festival”….Let’s say that we weren’t happy, packed all our gear in the car and drove home

Toronto Skyline 2
Toronto Canada

On the Road Again....

Join us in our next chapter as we learn and share all perspectives of our Truck, Travel Trailer and RV’ing.

No matter if you’re a veteran or new to RV’ing, safety, accessories, and your choices in purchasing a new trailer are huge decisions. 

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